My fitness journey began when I was a young girl. I had been very ill and bedridden when i was about 10. I continued to fall ill and being poorly even into my adolescent years.
My parents introduced me to yoga at a very early age and since then health and fitness is natural for me as it’s always been a tradition at home.

The Pilates studio is run by my brother Rajan Chaurasia and mea. The Pilates Studio was born out of my dream to create a business that would positively impact the lives of other people.

My mission for The Pilates Studio is simple: to maintain the integrity and excellence of The Pilates Studio by Namrata Purohit method and to facilitate greater health and well-being in my clients. I believe life is a learning experience and that journey continues all through your life…
I wish to continue on this exploratory journey and my mission is to share with the world the wonderful healing powers Pilates can offer to the body, mind and spirit.

I am blessed to have my parents’ and husband’s support in everything I do. We currently run three studios and in time wish to spread the magic of Pilates across all of Delhi/NCR